$COMP is a BEP-20 token existing on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), built and backed with deep blockchain and gaming industry experience.

With $COMP, players can earn fungible yielding rewards and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) backed by locked liquidity.

This is a MASSIVE evolution of gaming rewards which benefits both Player and Partner.

Players can earn and spend $COMP within the Comp Partner Network (CPN) and trade $COMP on the open market. All $COMP holders earn 3% reflections automatically - earning comps from comps!

Partners can enhance their loyalty program experience and choose to expand it to anyone holding $COMP tokens, instantly increasing their addressable audience.​

Disclaimer: Partnerships are not yet official


✔️Stealth launch

100% of liquidity locked with lock renewed every 6 months

✔️Whitepaper drop

Provide a detailed overview of the project, platform, & ideal partners.

✔️Guerilla marketing

Community-driven marketing on telegram, discord, and socials

✔️Coinsniper votes

Earn >500 votes on Coinsniper

Progress: 5070/500 votes

✔️1000 holders

Achieve 1000 $COMP holders

Progress: 1000/1000 holders

Exchange listings

List on exchanges after meeting market cap & volume requirements


Add Player Comp NFTs

Sponsor WSOP 2022

Sponsor players at WSOP 2022

Gaming influencers

After market cap growth, begin partnering with gaming influencers

Official partnerships

Officially confirm gaming partners for platform integration commit

Build platform

Use Tax proceeds to fund development of PLAYER platform

Launch platform

Release PLAYER platform alpha in Summer 2022

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Are you a casino gaming organization?

Roll the dice on us!

Thanks for your request!


The PLAYER Platform is designed to allow frictionless crypto adoption for both player and partner. This integrated solution provides access, liquidity, and ownership on the blockchain as a means to bridge the gap from traditional player rewards to the new frontier of gaming in the metaverse.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Comp Partner Network (CPN)?

CPN is the partner community which leverages the PLAYER platform to bring decentralized rewards to the player gaming experience. When a player earns casino rewards at one of our partners, their $COMP wallet receives a deposit from the partner wallet, and that player can now spend those rewards at either the same or a different partner.

What are reflections?

Reflections are a redistribution of $COMP tokens upon confirmation of each transaction. Think of this as perpetual interest earned for $COMP holders. The current reflection rate is 3%, meaning 3% of each transaction is redistributed across all wallets based on the amount of tokens held.

What are the tokenomics?

1% tax on each transaction to discourage scalping and the provide funds for platform development and token marketing. 3% reflections on each transaction to reward $COMP holders and provide gaming players the opportunity to earn comps from their comps. 183,986,399,751 tokens were burned after launch 100% of liquidity locked for 6 months, with lock renewal every 6 additional months Unicrypt LP lock:

Where to buy $COMP?

PancakeSwap Dextools Poocoin

Who are the team members behind $COMP?

Dev - B4CC4R4T Community Admin - Crypto Getsu